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Certificate in Year-End Maximization

Certificate in Year-End Maximization


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The fourth Quarter is a very special period for businesses. The planning that can be done at this point in the year should consider the special year-end features like bonuses, holidays, staffing, but also prepare for the transition to the next year. This type of planning sounds complex, but within this course it is mapped out for easier comprehension. There is a lot that happens within Q4, but the contents of this certificate will aid its navigation and strategic thinking during this active period for businesses.

  • How to plan for revenue and expenses: for a good Q4 and start of the next year
  • Getting ready for the year-end challenges
  • Year-end maximization map and seasonality issues
  • What makes Q4 special?
  • Discuss the ‘on-ramps’ that reveal a company’s need for year-end planning: tips and ideas
  • How you can maximize Q4 and celebrate the holidays like a professional


  1. What is the overview of Ending Strong?
  2. What is are the topics for this lecture?
  3. How is ending strong Road Mapped?
  4. What is the annual business cycle?
  5. What is special about Q4?
  6. What are the terms for ending strong?

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